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NAME: Elizabeth
AGE: 25

01. Which Hogwarts house do you see yourself in and why? I mostly see myself in Gryffindor but Ravenclaw comes in a close second. I think I'd be in Gryffindor because I'm a very passionate person. I tend to go off half-cocked on the issues that that I'm really dedicated to and am very quick to get on my soapbox and rant. I'm also a rather brave person and have shown a few times that I can make the split second decisions that wind up being heroic. When I was six years old, I saved my little sister from drowning because I didn't hesitate to jump in a pool and push her out and then when I was a little older I ran in front of a car to push her out of the way because she didn't see it coming. I tend to talk and act first and then think later. I also thrive on adventure and enjoy urban exploration and checking out "haunted" places. I'm still waiting to actually find something. But like a Ravenclaw I'm very studious. If I'm interested in a topic I'll read and study it with a voracious appetite for knowledge. I've always enjoyed learning simply for the sake of knowing something new and I've always enjoyed school. In high school I was able to graduate a semester early and opted not to just to be able to take a full class schedule of elective classes that interested me.

02. Make a paragraph-long highlight summary of both the Order’s and the Death Eaters’ characteristics and doctrine. Each paragraph should be no longer than ten lines. A person in the Order is going to believe that Voldemort needs to be stopped at all costs. Some may genuinely like and/or be fascinated by muggles, like Arthur Weasley, while others may have the attitude that muggles are best when they're kept distinctly separate, like Molly Weasley, but they'll agree that the violence against muggles puts the wizarding world at risk of discovery and so muggles should be protected. The Order is going to have a mix of wizards from purebloods to squibs and with varying degrees of relationship to muggles. They're going to be in favor of muggleborns being able to be educated and accepted in the wizarding world and will most likely all agree that it's safer for their world for muggleborns to be educated and accepted because it makes it less likely that they'll be accidentally discovered. Most people in the Order are also going to shun using violence to combat violence and are going to take an idealistic approach to fighting in the war.

A Death Eater is most likely going to be a pureblood or halfblood (probably posing as a pureblood). The general belief is that by accepting muggleborns they're exposing their world to danger and that muggleborns should therefore be completely shunned. To keep accidental discovery from happening these children may be put to death as soon as they're found, more likely though they just wouldn't be given the opportunity to develop their powers. Squibs would also be held in contempt and cast out as muggles. Ultimately, I think violence wouldn't be the answer to dealing with muggleborns or squibs but the law also wouldn't protect them or muggles if a wizard made sport of them. I think proper wizarding society would be all important to most Death Eaters though because of their tendency to use violence for sport or to make a point to their opponents, they attract people who just want to spread violence.

03. Identify yourself with one (ex)-Order Member and one Death Eater, and explain your choices. From the Order I identify most with Minerva McGonagall. We don't really see what she does for the Order but we do see some really strong parts of her character, particularly after Dumbledore dies. She has a small moment when she gives into her emotions and then she quickly pulls herself together and takes on the roll of Headmistress. She calls everyone together and gets ready for the Minister's visit and starts putting together a plan for the school. You see her hesitancy at the sudden change and that little bit of self-doubt that she can fill Dumbledore's shoes but she quickly puts on a brave face and jumps into the roll. My theory is that later on she gave into her grief and doubts when she was alone. That's how I tend to be. I put on this show of being a rock and being unemotional but I have my own self-doubt... I just don't let anyone see it. I don't like to let people know I have weaknesses.

From the Death Eaters I identify with Bellatrix Lestrange. She's very passionate about what she believes in and she defies anyone to tell her that she shouldn't be devoted to it. She has very strong convictions and oozes contempt for people she finds weak. I'm a lot like her in that regard. I cannot stand weak people or people who change their colors at the drop of a hat. I'm quick to let people know that I don't trust them and will be blunt about why. I have very strong political and moral convictions and I've been known for getting on my soapbox and ranting about them and debating them to exhaustion. I also do have a bit of a cruel/sadistic streak that I rather like but mine is more verbal while hers tends to be physical.

04. What are three qualities of an ideal leader, and why? Please describe a person (literary, historical, etc.) who exemplifies these characteristics. Do not use any examples from the Harry Potter books. An ideal leader is charismatic, persuasive, and enthusiastic. The person has to be charismatic so that people will be inclined to follow him. Someone who can't motivate people and charm people to his cause isn't going to be an effective leader because there will always be a struggle to sway people. This goes hand in hand with being persuasive. A leader has to be able to persuade people to go along with him. Charisma helps a lot but there's also a forcefulness and tone that a leader needs to be persuasive. A person can ooze charm out their pores but if they don't have the ability to be persusive and add that forcefulness to get the job done, then that person is going to be forced to a standstill. And finally, a leader needs to be enthusiastic so that he doesn't get stale. A leader is basically on screen at all times and needs to have an enthusiastic presense to bring the personality together. A leader needs to be able to walk in and present their case with so much charm, force, and enthusiasm that people can't help but want to follow this person.

A historical figure that I think is the embodiment of these characteristics is Theodore Roosevelt. During his presidency he approached his goals with a zealousness that could have bordered on mania. He didn't think twice about pressing his agenda through in the face of his opposition and he had such a charismatic personality that even people who didn't like him had to admire. Roosevelt is well known for saying that no one enjoyed the office of president as much as he did and I believe that feeling is part of what makes him such a great leader. He faced opposition after opposition and he never lost his enthusiasm. His efforts at conservation was a topic that most people thought completely unnecessary at the time but his abilities to persusade and force his agenda through with a smile is what gives us some our best natural landmarks in the country. Theodore Roosevelt is definitely someone I would consider an ideal leader.

05. If placed on a mission, would you rather operate alone, with a friend, with a small group of friends or with a large force, and why? I would prefer to operate alone. I'm not the type of person who likes looking out for other people and I generally don't trust other people to carry their weight or do a job correctly. Even as a kid in school I tried to find a way out of group projects, even if it meant taking on more work just to be able to work alone, because I hated to be the person who had to hound everyone to do their part or deal with other people who have the same attitude that I do but wound up not giving anyone a chance to do their part. As an adult I find it a lot easier to work with others since the people I work with take their jobs seriously, but I still avoid any serious collaboration with other people. I also find it a lot easier to work on my own because I can set my own time schedule to get things done and work as fast or as slow as I'd like.

06. How did you find this community? If you were referred by someone else, please state their LJ name (and, if possible, their camp). I was referred here by daintress and also by luxleviathana.
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