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NAME: Julie
AGE: 24
TIMEZONE: Mountain

01. Which Hogwarts house do you see yourself in and why? I see myself as a lazy Ravenclaw. I am smart, if I may be so bold to say so, but I'm also incredibly lazy. Take my experience with calculus in HS. I got a B in the class while doing three homework assignments the entire semester. However, I lack a bit of common-sense smarts. I recently went on vacation to Florida. I knew I was going, but I kept thinking I have plenty of time, I have a week. Then before I knew it, it was the night before, and I had no clean clothes, and my house was a mess!

02. Make a paragraph-long highlight summary of both the Order’s and the Death Eaters’ characteristics and doctrine. Each paragraph should be no longer than ten lines.

Order- The Order is what people think of when they think "Heroes." Maybe they're not exactly chivlarous, but they always try to do the 'right' thing, they key word being try. They are faced with a lot of choices, many being choices between the group and an individual. The members of the Order know that the group as a whole is more important. They will sacrifice everything- their friends, their family, and their life- to ensure that Voldemort is stopped, or at least slowed in his plans.

Death Eaters- Lucius Malfoy said it best in Order of the Phoenix: "Leave him! The Dark Lord does not care for his injuries as much as wants that prophesy!" (and that's paraphrasing; I don't have my books handy) In a way, that's much like the Order's view. However, they are also very much guided by self-preservation. This is not nescessarily a bad thing. To put it simply, the Death Eaters are as scared of death as Voldemort himself is.

03. Identify yourself with one (ex)-Order Member and one Death Eater, and explain your choices.

Molly- Just ask any of my friends. I am incredibly maternal. Molly shows bravery in her own right, but she doesn't show it often in the forefront of battles. In all honesty, though I love Molly, I think she would freeze in battle, and I probably would as well! I think I would be the mother of the group; making sure everyone got fed, had clean clothes, and a place to sleep.

Wormtail- I pick him because I think I would be a Death Eater to save my own neck. I really could relate to him when he was blathering on in the Shrieking Shack about how scared he was. I'd like to say that I'd be brave enough to stand up to Voldemort, but I think I may be too much of a coward!

04. What are three qualities of an ideal leader, and why? Please describe a person (literary, historical, etc.) who exemplifies these characteristics. Do not use any examples from the Harry Potter books.

Belief- If a leader doesn't believe in what he's doing, he's going to be a crap leader. A Battle between good and evil is no time for the leader to be playing devil's advocate.
True to himself- A leader has to stick to his convictions.
Quick Thinker- In a battle, a leader has to be flexible and do what he can with what information he has. He knows that things can change in the blink of an eye, and he deals with it.

And because I can choose fictional characters, I'm gonna say the Doctor, from Dr. Who. It amazes me what a wonderful leader he is for Rose, and whatever people they might meet up with. No matter what time or place or situation they happen to drop into, the Doctor will think of some device, something to say, or somethign to do to ward off the enemy their fighting. He knows what he has to do, and does it. He's willing to give up the life he knows, if he can save the world, or save Rose.

05. If placed on a mission, would you rather operate alone, with a friend, with a small group of friends or with a large force, and why? I'd do better in a small group of friends. It leads to the ability to split up if need be. I also think that it is much safer. A small group means that more people are availble in case one or more ends up getting killed, but won't attract as much attention as a large force.

06. How did you find this community? If you were referred by someone else, please state their LJ name (and, if possible, their camp). daintress the Death Eater talked me into it ;)
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