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01. Which Hogwarts house do you see yourself in and why?

Its been a while **gasp** since I've read any fanfic or read any of the
books (that doesn't make me a bad fan! I am buying book 7 and I am going to
re-read 6 before I do!), so I actually had to use wikpedia to look up the
characteristics of each house to refresh my memory. Reading the
characteristics, I think I would probably be closest to Hufflepuff. I am a
loyal. I've held two jobs in my time in the working world and although I
may have lost touch with some friends, when we find each other again, I am
always there if they need anything. I also have a good work ethic. I
throw myself into whatever project comes along at my job and do my best to
complete it. And when it comes to completing my own projects, once I put
my mind to finishing something, I'll usually get it done.

02. Make a paragraph-long highlight summary of both the Order’s and the
Death Eaters’ characteristics and doctrine. Each paragraph should be no
longer than ten lines.

The Order

The Order was created to defeat Voldemort. The Ministry of Magic has
choosen to ignore Voldemort's return and the Order was reformed. The Order
seems to represent the good of the wizarding world, but they do circumvent
some of the regulations of the Wizarding World to acheive their purposes.
While Dumbledore follows the Minister of Magic, he would have done what was
necesary to bring down Voldemort and I believe the other members of the
Order will do the same. Its members are staunch and loyal to the cause.
They allow their conscience to rule them. They want to achieve their
purpose but will not use evil means to do that.

Death Eaters

The Death Eaters want to bring about purity to the Wizarding World and have absolute
control over it. They support putting Lord Voldemort into power and will
let nothing stand in their way to achieve this goal. They are all that is
evil within the wizarding world. They do not let their conscience rule
them, as evidenced by their use of the unforgivables. They will take out
anything that tries to get between them and their goal.

03. Identify yourself with one (ex)-Order Member and one Death Eater, and
explain your choices.

Order: As lame as this is going to sound, I have to say Molly Weasley. I
tend to be over protective of those I love and care for. I am very
judgmental and condescending towards those that I feel have done wrong. I
have a very motherly instinct and I have high expectations of those that I
care deeply for.

Death Eater: I notice that the popular answer seems to be Severus Snape. I
honestly can't say that I identify with any one in particular Death Eater.
But, if I had to pick someone in particular, it would be Narcissa Malfoy. She
doesn't appear to align with the Death Eaters, but you almost know she has
to be, considering her son and husband are both loyal followers to
Voldemort. She is the type that hangs in the background and doesn't get
noticed and would probably have someone else do the dirty work and not get
her hands dirty unless she had to.

04. What are three qualities of an ideal leader, and why? Please describe
a person (literary, historical, etc.) who exemplifies these characteristics.
Do not use any examples from the Harry Potter books.

The most important characteristic is wisdom. A leader has to have the
wisdom to decide what is right based on what they know as opposed to what
they feel is right.

I think a leader has to be honest as well. I know that's difficult, but a
leader has to be able to be completely truthful. If they do wrong, they
admit it and learn from it rather than lie and say it never happened. I
couldn't trust and follow a person that lied to me about something.

Thirdly, a leader needs to be knowledgable. This is different from wisdom.
A leader has to know and understand a situation and be able to look at it
from all sides to determine what course of action to follow. A leader has
to have the background to be able to make a wise decision and this is where
knowledge always comes in.

I think Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest leaders our country ever
had. He knew that he was making tough decisions when our country was
divided, but he also knew that someday it would be a better place based on
his decisions. He had respect for the fallen on both sides. He didn't make
a fly by night decision to take our country into a war which would put
brother against brother.

05. If placed on a mission, would you rather operate alone, with a
friend, with a small group of friends or with a large force, and why?

I would rather be in a small group of friends. I'd prefer to be with people
I trusted as opposed to a large group where an infiltrator could sneak into
the ranks and cause dissension. I think it is harder for someone to break into a tight knit group and cause distrust. I would trust my friends to watch out for me whereas I don't think I could trust a complete stranger with watching my back me in a larger groupm, because you don't know where that person's loyalties may lie.

06. How did you find this community? If you were referred by someone
else, please state their LJ name (and, if possible, their camp).

daintress, who is a Death Eater.

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