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<b>NAME:</b>  VA
<b>AGE:</b>  32
<b>01. Which Hogwarts house do you see yourself in and why?</b>

Reading the characteristics of the houses, I'd have to say Hufflepuff.  I am loyal and hard working.
<b>02. Make a paragraph-long highlight summary of both the Order’s and the Death Eaters’ characteristics and doctrine. Each paragraph should be no longer than ten lines.</b>

The Order wants to protect the wizarding world from the Death Eaters and Voldemort's evil.  The Order personifies goodness

The Death Eaters will follow Voldemort and try to take over the Wizarding world.  They let nothing stand in their way to acheive this goal.  The peronify all that is evil.

<b>03. Identify yourself with one (ex)-Order Member and one Death Eater, and explain your choices.</b>

Unfortunately.  I would probably identify with Mrs. Weasly.  I'm a motherly caring type that would probably provide cookies and tea at the meetings of the Order.

Death Eaters-hard to say.  probablky oneof the mentioned ones that fades into the background and has no name.
<b>04. What are three qualities of an ideal leader, and why? Please describe a person (literary, historical, etc.) who exemplifies these characteristics.  Do not use any examples from the Harry Potter books.</b>

A leader is someone who is wise, knowledgable and kind.

Abraham Lincoln has always been a leader in history that I've admired.  Who knows what he may have accomplished had he not been assassinated
<b>05. If placed on a mission, would you rather operate alone, with a friend, with a small group of friends or with a large force, and why?</b> 

With a small group of friends, people I can trust.
<b>06. How did you find this community? If you were referred by someone else, please state their LJ name (and, if possible, their camp).</b>

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