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To Applicants:

To All Applicants,

Welcome to Dimicatio aut Fuga's (Fight or Flight) sorting subsidiary. If you are interested in joining please fill out a sorting application which you can find here. Please be sure to read the instructions and rules before you post your application.

After you have posted, the application will go into a queue. One of the Sorting Moderators will then look it over, and post it into ff_sorting to be voted upon by members of dimicatio_fuga. You will be voted upon in one of the three ways. Either you will be judged to be a DEATH EATER, a member of the ORDER OF THE PHOENIX, OR if your application is lacking so much that you are unable to be sorted, you will receive an AVADA KEDAVRA! vote.

At the end of the sorting batch period (one week) you will be officially sorted you into one of the two repective camps, OR, if the community has deemed it necessary, a moderator will cast the final Avada Kedavra curse.

Please be patient in waiting for your sorting application to be posted and voted upon. We are working as quickly as we can :)

If there are any questions about the procedure, the application, or anything else, please direct them to the Ministry of Magic which can be found at ff_battle.

Good luck with your applications and I hope to see you around the community!
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