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NAME:Alexa Johnson
AGE: 20

01. Which Hogwarts house do you see yourself in and why? I see myself as probably a Ravenclaw, because I'm moderately smart and study hard for everything. It doesn't always pay off, but I'm a high achiever, and take my work very seriously. I absolutely love to read for fun (and read many of the classic novels when I was in sixth and seventh grade). I could aos see myself in Hufflepuff. While I don't have that many friends, I'm fiercely loyal to those I have. I would rather have a few close friends than hundreds of acquaintences.

02. Make a paragraph-long highlight summary of both the Order’s and the Death Eaters’ characteristics and doctrine. Each paragraph should be no longer than ten lines.

The Order of the Phoenix was initially a small group of wizards formed by Albus Dumbledore who worked against Voldemort in the first war, and were brought back together (and now with larger numbers) in the current war. They fight the 'good' fight, but many Order members tend to have their own preconcieved notion of what 'good' is. As a result, they are quick to judge others without really knowing the whole picture (Snape and Malfoy, anyone?). They frown upon senseless and excessive killing, perfering to find other ways to get the job done. Most importantly, they are determined not to stoop to the low level of the Death Eaters. Self-sacrifice also tends to be valued, as long as it's noble and will help the greater cause.

The Death Eaters are supporters of Voldemort, and value power, wealth, and intelligence. To be a Death Eater, you would also have to have the stomach for killing, torture, rape, etc. and other acts of mindless violence. They do not care about what methods they use as long as they further their goals--ex. killing Harry Potter, killing Muggles and Muggleborn witches/wizards, and probably world domination, or at least domination of wizarding England. However, they also make common mistakes of other Doers of Evil, like gloating about their superior powers to their enemies instead of just killing them (if only Voldemort had killed Harry Potter in Goblet of Fire when he had him helpless in the graveyard, so many of his problems would be solved!). Yet for the most part, the Death Eaters are loyal (if only to themselves), and intelligent, with a knack for cunning plans they don't involve rushing recklessly into danger, even if most of them don't go right.

03. Identify yourself with one (ex)-Order Member and one Death Eater, and explain your choices.

Remus Lupin would be the character I identify with most, not because he is one of my favorite characters but because we have a lot in common. Like Lupin, I am sensitive, empathetic, and care deeply for others, and do tend to pity people I feel sorry for even though they probably don't want it. I also see Lupin as very thoughtful and literary, and not as quick to jump to conclusions as say, James Potter and Sirius Black. On the downside, I also tend to shy away from confrontation, and might avoid doing the right thing (ex. telling Potter, Black, and Pettigrew to stop harrassing Snape) because I wouldn't want to alienate friends and because I tend to be more passive. This is one of my weaknesses.

Severus Snape is the Death Eater I most associate myself with, although this choice was much harder to make for me. I was never very popular for the majority of my school years before college, but studied hard to do well in all subjects, espcially those that don't come naturally to me. For the most part, I prefer to work alone and absolutely despire group projects (unless I could choose a group that I knew would get work done). I can also be a little arrogant and even elitist at times, because I value high quality work and tend to frown on those who I don't think are taking their own work very seriously, especially if it's something I love, like music making and writing. However, I am fiercely loyal to those I care about and what I believe in, and would do something I cared passionately about even though others might not agree with it (yes, I believe Snape was working for Dumbledore this entire time, and still is).

04. What are three qualities of an ideal leader, and why? Please describe a person (literary, historical, etc.) who exemplifies these characteristics. Do not use any examples from the Harry Potter books. An ideal leader should be willing to compromise with those who do not share his/her beliefs. They should be organized and responsible and possess the ability to keep cool and make good decisions in a crisis. Last (but not least), they should be charismatic and well-spoken, someone who can rally the people to him/her. To me, someone in history who best exemplifies these skills was George Washington--not only was he America's first President, but he stepped up to the post even when he didn't want it because he knew we needed him. He was able to organize this country and get it in track, and set many examples for future Presidents. He was also a fabulous general, but I won't even get into that, because I'll be here for hours (Delaware River crossing, anyone? *g*).

05. If placed on a mission, would you rather operate alone, with a friend, with a small group of friends or with a large force, and why? If placed on a mission, I'd prefer to work with one or two close friends whom I could trust. I don't think I'd be brave enough to go alone, and if anything were to happen to me or someone else, there would be another person to carry out the task or to send for aid. I would die than go with larger groups. For one, it's harder to manage a more people and it would take longer to come to some kind of consensus. Large groups are just plain inefficient, unless you have a big battle on your hands. You can be far stealthier with one or two people if the mission requires it!

06. How did you find this community? If you were referred by someone else, please state their LJ name (and, if possible, their camp). I'm friends with daintress, who is a maintainer and a moderator =)
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